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March 27, 2015


To Whom It May Concern,


            This letter is to serve as a reference for A Forum for LIFE, Inc. The Graham Windham Beacon Center has had a working relationship with Roman Matthews and A Forum for LIFE for nearly 15 years. Annually to keep in compliance with the Department of Education and The Department of Health here in New York City we are required to have staff fully trained in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Responding To Emergency (RTE) life saving techniques. Without this training we would be out of compliance and not be able to apply for our School Aged Child Care License (SACC) to operate our Summer Camp which we server nearly 300 participants annually.

            With the responsibility of caring for that many young people we choose A Forum for LIFE for all our Life Saving training needs. The classes are taught in a professional but easy to learn manner. The utilization of progressive hands on and teach back scenarios keep the staff engaged and always ready, at a moments notice, to jump in and “save this persons life”. This, in itself, teaches our staff how situations can arise anytime, so always be prepared!  Mr. Matthews uses a lot of scenario based questions which is relevant to out work and that further prepares our staff for the job at hand.

            In closing we would like to say that A Forum for LIFE goes beyond the required training annually, by providing ongoing follow up to our program throughout the year. This has been a great comfort to know that we can depend on them for all safety and health related needs.

Additionally, a number of our staff have kept in contact with Mr. Matthews for other mentoring and guidance needs. We are very satisfied with the services that they provide and if there is anything you are considering for them, you will not be disappointed. Please feel free to contact me at 646-430-2730 if you have any questions.



Ian R. Holly Jr.

Ian Holly Jr.


Graham-Windham Beacon Center

Celebrating 23 Years of Service


Prince Hall Colonial Park Day Care Center

159-30 Harlem River Drive

New York, NY 10039

Tel: (212) 281.1480

Fax: (212) 234.4074





February 11, 2015




To Whom It May Concern:


A Forum for LIFE, Inc. is an organization that provides a curriculm of health, safety and well-being lectures and professional development.


The Prince Hall Day Care Center has depended on the professionalism and extremely high quality of training that A Forum for LIFE, Inc. strives to achieve.


For over ten years this non-profit corporation has underwritten the cost of vital staff development for those associated with our Early Learning Center. It is through the generous contribution of A Forum for LIFE, Inc. that we have been able to continue invaluable work, in service of young families in Northern Manhattan.


Everyone at the Prince Hall Day Care Center, join in concert, and sing high praise for the body of work achieved by A Forum for LIFE, Inc.




Ruth m. Ellerbe



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