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Standard First Aid - This course provides complete first aid and safety skills, equips participants to recognize and provide basic first aid care for injuries and sudden illness. You'll learn how to identify and care for a variety of medical emergencies that include:  bleeding wounds, burns, head injuries, shock, musculoskeletal injuries and other sudden illnesses, as well as how to reduce the risk of disease transmission while providing care. Certificates are valid for two years.  

Pediatric & Adult CPR, with A.E.D. - This comprehensive CPR course provides training for use with adult, infant and child victims in a variety of emergency situations. Students will become adept at airway maintenance via recognition of obstruction or other hazards to the airway. You’ll learn how to reduce the risk of injury or death by properly identifying breathing and cardiac emergencies and administering the appropriate CPR & rescue breathing techniques. You’ll also learn when & how to use the emergency medical service (EMS) and how to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. This course is indispensable for all adults and teenagers wh# be called upon to assist others in an emergency. Certificates are valid for two years.

Automated External Defibrillator - The automated external defibrillator (A.E.D.) is a computerized medical device. An A.E.D. can check a person’s heart rhythm. It can recognize a rhythm that requires a shock. The A.E.D. uses voice prompts, lights and text messages to tell the rescuer the steps to take. A.E.D.s are very accurate and easy to use. Anyone can learn to operate an A.E.D. safely. There are many different brands of A.E.D.s, but the same basic steps apply to all of them. The AHA does not recommend a specific model. Certificates are valid for two years. 

Prevention of Infectious Diseases - Worldwide, workers in health care related fields are at risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens, such as the HIV virus and hepatitis B virus. Designed to meet the current OSHA training requirements, this program was created for students and employees who have potential for occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials, and contain information on airborne pathogens such as tuberculosis. The Fifth Edition has been revised to comply with the most current guidelines for cardiovascular resuscitation (CPR) and emergency cardiovascular care (ECC).  The certificates are valid for two years. 

Medication Administration Training – This eight hour course is a skill-based training that provides an overview of medication effects and ways to give both over-the-counter and prescription medications; the handling, storage and safe disposal of medication; permission and instruction requirements; preparation of and administration techniques; asthma; emergency care and special situations including food or environmental allergies, nebulizer treatment, (EpiPen®) and much more. The New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) has specific regulations about giving medication to children in child day care settings. The regulations require all child day care programs that choose to administer medication, other than over-the-counter topical ointments, sunscreen and topically applied insect repellent, to meet certain conditions including having staff who are approved to give medication in a child care setting.

OCFS approved the following Medication Administration Training course for you to fulfill this requirement. Certificates are valid for three years. 

CPR for the Healthcare Professional with A.E.D. - This advanced level of CPR training is for individuals who have a job-related "duty to respond" to emergencies. The course includes an overview of body systems and medical/legal issues. Participants learn how to recognize and provide care in respiratory and cardiac emergencies for adults, children and infants, with special emphasis on two-rescuer CPR and use of the resuscitation mask and bag-valve mask and the Automated External Defibrillator. Techniques for minimizing the risk of disease transmission and for special resuscitation situations are included.  Certificates are valid for two years.

Advanced First Aid aka (RTE) - This course is designed to provide individuals with first aid skills to care for those with life-threatening emergencies. Participants will learn how to give life saving emergency medications to children/patients who have asthma in the form of an inhaler or nebulizer, as well as children/patients who have severe allergic reactions that require epinephrine via an auto injector (EpiPen®). Students learn how to identify and care for severe bleeding, shock, musculo-skeletal injuries, emergency childbirth, how to move patients and much more. Advanced First Aid is designed for individuals who desire a thorough working knowledge of first aid procedures. Upon completion of this course, participants will receive certification valid for three years. Certificates for this program are valid for two years. 

Health & Safety Training for Family & Group Family Child Care Providers – The three-day Health & Safety training series is required for anyone wishing to become registered or licensed as a Family or Group Family Child Care Provider in New York State. It is a great “refresher” course for all providers. This three-day series will cover the Office of Children and Family Services training modules such as proper nutrition and basic care for the child. This is a competency-based curriculum that requires successful completion of written and demonstrated tests. Space is limited to ten participants and pre-registration is required. These sessions meet OCFS content areas:

  • Business record maintenance and management
  • Child day care program development
  • Nutrition and health needs of infants & children
  • Safety and security procedures & communication between parents & staff
  • Statutes and regulations pertaining to child day care

The certificates are valid for two years.


NOTE: Health and Safety Rebate - Upon successful completion of the Health and Safety Training, eligible provider# be able to offset training cost of $235. The rebate program is administered by the Office of Children and family Services (OCFS). Interested applicant# obtain an application and additional information by visiting the Office of Children and family Services (OCFS) at


Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse & Maltreatment – The purpose of this training is to provide providers with the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding child abuse and/or maltreatment, what the reporting obligations are and how to make such a report. The objectives of this training are as follows:

  • Identify the physical and behavioral indicators commonly associated with child abuse and maltreatment or neglect
  • Evaluate situations to determine whether there is reasonable cause to suspect child abuse and maltreatment or neglect
  • Effectively report child abuse and maltreatment or neglect to the New York State Central Register (SCR)
  • Understand the legal framework for the New York State Child Protective System·

Participants will receive a formal Certificate of Completion authorized by the Center for Development of Human Services and the New York State Office of Children & Family Services. These sessions meet OCFS content areas:

  • Child abuse and maltreatment identification and prevention
  • Laws and regulations pertaining to child abuse and maltreatment

The certificates are valid for two years.


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