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Healthy Diet Food List

Meats, Eggs, Dairy, Fats & Oils

Meats Fish 2 Poultry/Fowl Shellfish 2 Dairy (full fat) 4
Bacon 6 Anchovies Chicken Clam Butter
Beef Arctic Char Cornish Hen Crab Cheese
Bison Cod Duck Lobster Cream
Bear Fish eggs/roe Goose Mussel Milk
Elk Flounder Organ meats 1 Oysters Sour Cream
Ham 6 Herring Ostrich Scallops Yogurt
Lamb Haddock Pheasant Shrimp 7
Organ meats 1 Mackerel Quail Squid Fats & Oils
Pork Perch Turkey
all animal fats
Pork rind/skin Salmon (wild)

Bacon Fat
Rabbit Sardine Eggs
Coconut oil*
Squirrel Sole Chicken
Cod Liver Oil
Veal Snapper Duck
Olive Oil 5
Venison Tuna 3 Goose
Fish Oil

Marinading meats pre-digests them.

  1. Organ meats include heart, liver, kidneys, gizzards, pancreas, etc.

    Fish and shellfish must not contain nitrates, sulphites, or other preservatives, i.e. sodium phosphate, disodium phosphate, etc.
    Canned fish should be packed in spring water or olive oil.
    Canned tuna should be skipjack or albacore, and not bluefin or yellow fin nor any tuna that doesn't identify the kind of fish on the label. It should be packed in spring water. Ensure dairy products are the highest in butterfat possible, indicated on the label as M.F. (milk fat) percentage. Raw unpasteurized dairy products are best - check regulations in your area as to whether they are legal.

  2. Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil since it is from the first pressing of the olives, so it is high quality. It should be cold- or expeller-pressed, yellow in color and only in very dark bottles, which protects it from being damaged by light. Do not cook with olive oil since it is damaged by heat. Only use it unheated in salad dressing, mayonnaise, poured over foods after they are cooked, etc.

  3. Bacon and ham must not contain nitrates, sulphites, salt, sugar, flavorings or spices, and they must be unsmoked (smoking meats creates nitrate-like substances). It is not necessary to cure bacon or ham.

  4. Shrimp must not contain nitrates, sulphites, nor other preservatives, i.e. sodium phosphate, disodium phosphate, etc.

    Note: If you consume anything that contains nitrates, sulphites, or they are smoked, take 500 mg of Vitamin C with it, which binds them up so they aren't so readily absorbed.

Low Carbohydrate Foods

Salad Foods Herbs/Spices Vegetables Vegetables Beverages
Arugula Basil Asparagus String/Wax Beans Bee's Egg Drink*
Baby greens Chervil Artichoke Swiss Chard Broth & Stock*
Beet Greens Cilantro Avocado Tomato Decaf Coffee/Tea 8
Bok Choy Cinnamon Broccoli Turnip Egg Milk*
Boston lettuce Clove Brussel sprouts Zucchini Iced tea*
Butter lettuce Dill Cabbage
Water, natural 9
Celery Fennel Cauliflower Fermented Foods Whole Milk
Chives Garlic Celery Cabbage Rejuvelac *no sugar
Cucumber Ginger Celery Root Kimchi/Kimchee
Dandelion greens Nutmeg Cucumber Sauerkraut Condiments
Endive Oregano Collard Greens Yogurt Anchovy Paste*
Escarole Parsley Dandelion Greens
Hollandaise sauce*
Leaf Lettuce Pepper Eggplant Pickled Foods Horseradish
Olives* Rosemary Garlic Pickled Ginger Ketchup*
Parsley Tarragon Green beans Pickled Onions* Mayonnaise*
Peppers, all Thyme Peppers, all Pickles* Mustard 10
Radiccio all spices Kale *homemade only Red Pepper Sauce*
Salad Dressing*
Romaine Lettuce Nuts & Seeds Leek Fruit Salsa & Pesto*
Sprouts, all all nuts & seeds, Mustard Greens Lemons* Vinegar 11
Sorrel except almonds, Okra Limes* *homemade only
Water Cress cashews, peanuts Onion *limited amounts
all greens and pistachios 12 Scallions

*in salt brine All seeds & nuts Snow pea pods

must be raw & Squash, some 13

soaked & dried 14 Spinach

  1. Swiss Water Processed decaf coffee is the only process that doesn't use chemicals to remove most of the caffeine; organic or "certified organic" are best.

  2. The best water is natural tap water because it contains all of Nature's natural minerals. Use a charcoal filter to get rid of the chlorine and some other contaminants, i.e. Brita or PUR water filters. Do not be concerned about fluoride in water since you will be eliminating all other sources of it. Fluoride is a heavy metal which is easily eliminated on this program. Do not drink distilled water, reverse osmosis water, softened water (contains too much salt), or bottled water that has fluoride or salt added, or is in plastic that is not safe. Distilled and reverse osmosis water are devoid of minerals and actual leach minerals from the body

  3. Only use mustard that doesn't contain vinegar, sugars and other additives.

  4. Only use unpasteurized unfiltered apple cider vinegar, like Bragg's or Eden.

  5. Most raw almonds are being irradiated (zapped with radiation) in the U.S., Canada and possibly other countries, so they must not be eaten unless you can get a good source that has not been zapped. No cashews are raw, since they always have to be processed. All peanuts and pistachios contain fungi-type toxins, called mycotoxins, which are damaging to anyone's health.

  6. Not all squash is okay. Only Summer squash, spaghetti squash and zucchini are included, while acorn, hubbard, butternut and others are not.

  7. All nuts and seeds must be raw, and properly soaked and dried to make them fit for human consumption.

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